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Edel E-3 Blade Putter
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Edel E-3 Blade Putter



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This item ships directly from the manufacturer. Please allow an additional 5-7 business days from the time of online order placement for this item to ship. All Edel clubs are individually built from the ground up and are individually stamped during the process.

Traditional putter design theory views face balanced putters as the optimal way to create stability in the putting stroke. When balanced in your hand, a face balanced putter will sit perfectly parallel to the ground. Useful? Only if you plan to putt toward the sky. When tilted downward to hit a putt, the previously balanced face will now tilt to the side. Coupled with the motion of a putting stroke, a face balanced putter will behave like any other putter and create the greatest enemy to consistent putting, torque.

Torque in the putting stroke is defined as forced rotation of the putter face resulting from misallocated head weight. The presence of torque makes it difficult to effectively transition from the back stroke to the forward stroke and causes the putter face to rotate open. This forces the player to compensate for the effects of torque, which creates inconsistency and increased dispersion of putts. Greater levels of torque will be created based on the length of the putting stroke, making longer putts even more susceptible to its negative effects.

The revolutionary Torque Balanced technology from Edel Golf significantly reduces the negative effects of torque, promoting a smoother and more consistent motion and allowing the putter head a greater opportunity to return to square at impact. Torque Balanced technology strategically removes weight from the toe of the putter, creating a "toe-up" balance point versus traditional toe-down or face balanced putters. With an optimally weighted design, the Torque Balanced putter is less susceptible to the forces of torque during the putting stroke. The Torque Balanced technology is contained completely within the sole of the club, allowing the putter to maintain a sleek and traditional look at address.

  • Shaft Offset

    Forward offset, square, and backset

  • Head Weights One Variable Weight Port

    339 Grams with 6 gram weight, 345 Grams with 12 gram weight, 354 Grams with 21 gram weight, extra weights and wrench sold separately

  • Pixl Insert

    Comprised of 93 individual Pixls, or independent circular components, the PIXL insert turns mis-hits into gimmes by dramatically enhancing putter roll and performance when the golf ball is struck off center.