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Fourteen RM-21 Chrome Wedge w/Dynamic Gold Shaft
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Fourteen RM-21 Chrome Wedge w/Dynamic Gold Shaft

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At Fourteen Golf, we pride ourselves on being the creators of the best wedges in the game, and the RM-21 is our latest commitment to that pledge.

Relying on in-depth feedback from our stable of professional players, the RM-21 features the best spin control available on the market and enables players to go aggressively at the flag.


The next generation of wedges.

The latest evolution of our popular RM series, the RM-21 takes the best traits of the RM-12 and incorporates a series of new features to make this our best wedge yet. The RM-21 comes in new lofts of 42 and 45 degrees. Each of these lofts features the square-shaped standard sole, matching the shape of the sole in our iron series.

Get in the groove.

Our original trapezoidal grooves are known throughout the industry to provide exceptional spin quality and control, and we've worked to improve them in the RM-21. The volume of each groove has been increased 18 percent compared to previous models, fostering better spin and enabling players to excel in any type of lie.

What makes this work:

Just like the rest of our RM series, the RM-21 wedges feature our original "reverse muscle" tapered design in which the upper blade of the wedge is thicker to allow more weight distribution on the top. This fosters consistency and stability throughout the swing, while also increasing the spin control of each shot.

Our trapezoidal grooves yield exceptional spin control, and when combined with our precise mirror milling, we're able to provide the best spin control on the market.

In 2015, the RM-21 features different sole variations based on its lofts, and these new lofts will allow players to control each shot from 120 yards and in. The standard sole: tapered shape is available in loft models from 48 degrees to 58 degrees and utilizes a sole design where the sole is slightly wider than the toe of the club. This enables players to open the face with ease and create more spin.

The wide sole comes in 56, 58 and 60 degree loft models.
  • Nickel chrome molybdenum steel with mirror milled face
  • Nickel chrome plated pearl satin finish
Fourteen RM-21 Wedge