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PGA TOUR Superstore Golf Lessons

Golf Lessons

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At the PGA TOUR Superstore, our goal is to become your #1 game enhancement center.

Our comprehensive lesson offerings include private instruction, game enhancement packages, kids and ladies group programs and free seminars and in-store events.

A detailed assessment of your golf swing and equipment is included in every package of golf lessons so that our Class-A PGA Professionals can create a customized lesson plan just for you.

Every lesson includes a complimentary evaluation folder complete with a lesson recap, DVD and special discounts just for students.

We Have The Tools To Figure It Out...

Our PGA TOUR Superstore Certified Instructors break down each part of your swing to discover potential improvements.

Launch monitor data, video analysis, and other instruction and club fitting technologies help us get to the root of the problem.

Compare your stance, posture, and swing mechanics to PGA TOUR professionals with our synchronized video capture and playback.

Leave each lesson with a CD of your session and practice drills to improve between lessons.

Our Game Enhancement folder keeps track of every lesson and tracks your success--whether you stop in once a week or once a quarter.

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Golf Lesson Programs

We Are The Fine-Tuning Experts

Sometimes a small change to your game is all you need to get back on track.

Game Enhancement Six-Pack:

We start with a 60-minute full assessment going over every aspect of your game.

Each custom lesson builds on swing fundamentals until you see and feel results.

Six-Pack includes analyzing launch monitor data, video analysis, and other instructional technologies to help our PGA or LPGA Professional get to the root of your swing problem.

Compare your stance, posture, and swing mechanics to Touring Professionals with our synchronized video capture and playback.

Individual coaching ensures you get the help you need without unnecessary steps and each lesson ends with a CD and practice drills to improve between lessons.

Dynamic club fitting ensures every club in your bag rewards your swing and you can select from our huge assortment of clubs--find out if your equipment is holding you back.

One 45-Minute Custom Lesson:

One Step at a Time.

We designed the game tune-up lesson to fit your needs and your schedule.

You don't have to commit to a 6-lesson series, but want to squeeze a lesson into your busy schedule.

Tell your PGA TOUR Superstore Certified Instructor where you want to improve or fine-tune your game.

We use our exclusive assessment tools to make recommendations on topics that will help you improve the most.

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Group Lessons/Free Seminars

PGA TOUR Superstore is committed to offering a variety of group programs that appeal to golfers of all skill levels.

With our US Kids Junior Golf Challenge and our newly created Get Golf Ready Ladies program, PGA TOUR Superstore is committed to truly growing the game of golf.

We also offer monthly free in-store golf seminars open to all abilities and skill levels.

All PGA TOUR Superstore group programs and seminars and conducted by our certified PGA TOUR Superstore Instructors.

U.S. Kids Junior Golf Challenge...ONLY $79.99

A Series of Six 60-Minute Group Lessons Based on the U.S. Kids Teaching Curriculum:

Junior golfers will learn basic fundamentals of putting, around the green, full swing, golf etiquette, sportsmanship, and scoring.

The program consists of two levels, At each level, the junior golfer will learn specific forms and skills to help them improve their game.

Earning pins for passing skills and knowledge tests provide incentive to advance through the levels.

All participants will receive a level 1 or level 2 packet that will include: U.S. Kids golf glove, U.S. Kids cap, U.S. Kids bag tag, a sleeve of U.S. Kids golf balls and a U.S. Kids coupon for purchase of U.S. Kids products.

Players that work their way through both levels will have a foundation for a lifetime of great golf!

Get Golf Ready Ladies Program...ONLY $99.99

Six 60-Minute Group Lessons, led by PGA TOUR Superstore Certified Instructors and sponsored by Wilson Golf.

Get Golf Ready teaches you everything you need to know--Go to the course with confidence!

Cover everything from, etiquette, to swing fundamentals, to basic rules of golf, including a Special On-Course Experience!

If you don't have clubs--use ours!

Free Seminars and Special Events

PGA TOUR Superstore offers FREE monthly Golf Seminars as an introduction to the instruction services experience we offer. Because the Free Golf Seminars are open to all golfers, topics will appeal to golfers of all skill levels. Our Free Golf Seminars incorporate a variety of swing and equipment topics, as well as basic skills training in the areas of rules of the game, etiquette and course management.

The In-store Special Events are free events that include a Golf Seminar as well as additional fun filled activities and contests for prizes. These events are held throughout the year around major holidays.

The Parent-Child Events are In-Store Special Events designed specifically for children and their parents and include instruction, contests and prizes.

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