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Due to availability, some products may be switched out for the newer models
If you want to golf like Jordan Spieth, then looking like Spieth and using the gear Spieth uses would be the best place to start. Here at PGA TOUR Superstore, we have the entire Jordan Spieth collection of golf gear and equipment. If you're looking for new clubs to improve your game, check out the clubs that Jordan carries in his bag, including the Titleist 915D2 Driver and the Titleist AP2 716 Irons. Beyond just Spieth's driver and irons, we also have his chosen wedges and woods, including the Titleist 915 Fairway Wood and the Titleist Vokey SM6 TOUR Wedge. Here at PGA TOUR Superstore, we carry literally everything that you see Spieth wearing and using on Tour. Known for his Under Armour apparel, we have everything Jordan wears as well. We have the Jordan Spieth Tour Cap (with the well known "X" front and center), as well as a variety of Under Armour shirts and shoes. For shoes, choose between Spieth's two favorite models, the Under Armour Tempo Tour and the Under Armour Drive One. Look like a pro, use the same clubs that the pros use, and be one step closer to playing like a pro yourself.