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ping g700 irons. full throttle, complete control

ping g700 irons beauty image Ping G700 Irons
The G700 iron's hollow-body structure offers a face-flexing design for players seeking the ultimate combination of forgiveness and distance. All this comes with the added benefits of playability and height in a slim, aesthetically pleasing shape.

Low and extreme heel-toe perimeter weighting deliver a balanced CG location for each iron to boost inertia and dramatically reduce the stat area while retaining ball speed and distance on off-center strikes.
ping g700 irons face image
ping g700 irons cutout to show hollow body
The G700 irons put out a clean, confident appearance with their hydropearl plating and polished accents. They use the same slim sole and offset of the G400, but the hollow-body construction and cavity geometry amplify flexing at impact to achieve a higher trajectory with enhanced power and sound.
Three times stronger than 431 SS, the machined C300 maraging steel face increases ball speed and distance by generating twice the face flexing. The face is the product of a two-step heat-treating process and robotic plasma weld. ping g700 irons maraging steel face