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PIQ Multisports Sensor + Golf Accessory
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PIQ Multisports Sensor + Golf Accessory



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PIQ is the ultimate golf tracker that gives you real-time information on your game. In this tiny device, we've fitted a range finder, a swing analyzer, and a shot-tracking system - all paired with a mobile app by the leader in golf apps so you can make sense of the data and understand your game instantly!
  • Distance to the Green: With PIQ, get remaining distances to the green - front, middle, and back - directly on the back of your hand. Mobitee has mapped out over 38,000 golf courses around the world, meaning you'll know exactly how far away from the green you are.
  • Swing Analysis: Whether you are at the driving range or on the course, PIQ automatically tracks your tempo, swing path and club head speed for every shot. You can see all the information in real time on your smartphone or save the data to review it later.
  • Live Shot-Tracking: PIQ effortlessly tracks and records all of your shots. Each shot - along with the club you've used and the yardage you've covered - is stored in the app and is displayed on the satellite imagery of the hole.
  • Real-Time Display on the Back of Your Hand: The sensor fits easily on your glove and displays your distance to the green in real time. You'll get exact measurements without having to take your smartphone out of your bag, and you'll be able to fully concentrate on the game without interruption.