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SCOR4161 Wedge - w/UST 65 Graphite Shaft
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SCOR4161 Wedge - w/UST 65 Graphite Shaft

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Just as hybrids have revolutionized the long end of our sets, SCOR4161 replaces your "wedges" and set-match short irons with a Precision Scoring System. Four to six clubs at the short end of your set to optimize your distance control, distance gapping, shotmaking and forgiveness. Here's why we did it.

Iron Byron testing proves misses as small as one-half inch can cost you distance loss of up to 50 feet with your conventional "wedges" and over twice that much with your 'high-tech' short irons. By completely re-inventing the high loft clubs, SCOR4161 reduces the penalty from even your smallest misses by 69-73% over "wedges", and up to 94% over your 9-iron and 'P-club' (which were designed to look like a 6-iron.)

This is not a 'tweak", but a complete re-engineering of the clubs we count on to score. PGA Tour statistics show that only 4% of birdies are made from approach shots with a 7-iron or longer. Your scores reflect your short range performance. Period. And we're going to make it miles better.