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SwingSmart Golf Analyzer
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SwingSmart Golf Analyzer

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SwingSmart Golf Analyzer breaks down exactly what your club is doing during motion, so you can see specifically what caused an undesirable shot and work on fixing it. Clip the small Bluetooth-enabled sensor module (about the size of your little finger) to the underside of the club shaft on any golf club, just below the grip, where it will be out of your line of sight . . . The device INSTANTLY and wirelessly transmits key information about your golf swing to the free SwingSmart App on your iPad or iPhone. (You can also e-mail your swing to your instructor or anyone who has downloaded the FREE SwingSmart app)
  • 3D SWING VIEW: Shows 360-degrees of a player's swing motion, highlighting the exact route of the club head from any angle. SAVE your best swing for every club in the bag.
  • COMPARE your last swing to your saved best swing or any swing you've taken with the SwingSmart sensor module.
  • EMAIL your swing to your instructor, friends or your computer. View demonstration golf swings in 3D Swing View
  • Swing tempo is a ratio that compares how long it takes to get to the top of your backswing versus the time to impact (your downswing).
  • Swing speed refers to the club head speed at impact. The higher the swing speed, the farther you'll hit the ball (assuming you've hit it squarely on the sweet spot).
  • Club face angle refers to the position of the club face, which ultimately dictates the spin and direction of the ball. If the club face is closed relative to your swing path, the ball has draw sidespin (ball traveling right to left for right handed golfers). If open, the ball has fade sidespin (ball traveling from left to right for right handed players). Face angle square to the swing path means little to no sidespin.
  • Angle of attack refers to whether the club head is traveling in an upward, level or downward angle with respect to the ground at impact.