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TaylorMade Athletes

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Whether you're looking to add distance, hit a straighter shot, maximize forgiveness, unmatched sound and feel - or all of those - the 2018 M Family delivers breakthrough innovations across the board to help you play your best game.

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Dustin Johnson, Jason Day, Rory McIlory, Jon Rahm and Justin Rose learn about Twist Face technology for the first time.

TwistFace logo
TwistFace Trajectory Still
Twist Face is a radical departure from traditional driver-face design, engineered to take you farther and straighter, right down the center of the fairway. Twist Face provides more loft in the high-toe and less loft in the low-heel to produce more consistent spin where golfers commonly mis-hit.

Player Validation

When TaylorMade put the M3/M4 Driver in the hands of their athletes for the first time, they put on a show.

Hammerhead Technology logo

Hammerhead Technology

The reinforced outer portions of the slot allow for a lighter, more flexible face, resulting in a larger sweet spot.

The center portion of the slot increases ball speed low on the face and drops unwanted spin for more distance.
Hammerhead Technology logo

Graph showing Ball speed increase with Hammerhead Pushing the Limit of Ballspeed

TaylorMade's new Hammerhead technology in M3 and M4 creates a massive sweet spot that enhances ballspeed and forgiveness across the entire face.

Y-Track Technology

Simple and intuitive system to move weight and personalize ball flight for draw/fade/high/low.

Unmatched Personalization

The M3 Driver features a new Y-Track, which offers two seamlessly movable weights, allowing golfers to adjust the settings for optimal trajectory, maximum forgiveness or raw speed.
Y-Track Closeup Shot

Premium No-Upcharge Shafts

Get the most out of M3 and M4 drivers with a wide array of custom, premium shaft options. Really dial it in and visit your local store to get fit.

Images of M3 and M4 shafts

Jon Rahm Headshot
Jon Rahm
M4 Driver
M3 Fairway
M Family logo Dustin Johnson Headshot
Dustin Johnson
M4 Driver
M4 HL Fairway
Justin Rose Headshot
Justin Rose
M3 Driver
M3 & M4 Fairway
Rory McIlroy Headshot
Rory McIlroy
M3 Driver
M3 Fairway
Jason Day Headshot
Jason Day
M3 Driver
M4 Fairway

Ribcor Technology logo

Ribcore Iron Closeup Shot
RIBCOR Technology

Only in M3 and M4 Irons.

This breakthrough innovation localizes face flexibility in the hitting area, transferring more energy to the ball to increase distance and accuracy.

RIBCOR stiffens the perimeter of the head creating a more rigid structure, enhancing sound and feel.

RIBCOR mitigates toe flexibility for tighter dispersion.

Research and Development

TaylorMade engineers and product development teams break down RIBCOR technology.

Athlete Testing

TaylorMade athletes are ecstatic about the results after testing the M3 and M4 irons.