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Tennis Services

- Free Demo's (with refundable deposit)

- Re-stringing (24 hour guarantee)

- Grommet replacement

- Reg-gripping

- Grip Build Up

Master Racquet Technician On-Site!

If you 're looking for the best racquet and stringing advice for your game, USRSA members can help. They're educated, informed, and up to date on the latest racquets, strings, grips, accessories, and stringing techniques.

Several hundred of our racquet technicians are the cream of the crop in tennis retailing -- they're USRSA Master Racquet Technicians, or MRTs. They work to fit you with the racquet, string, and tension that are right for your game. They've passed a comprehensive test to prove they know their stuff -- whether it's racquet customization (changing the weight and balance of your frame with strategically applied lead tape), handle build-ups, advice on racquet technology, or the perfect fit for you, your racquet, and your string tension, MRTs have proven their expertise. And they've maintained their MRT status by keeping their USRSA membership up to date and by passing an annual test on manufacturers' technologies.

Master Racquet Technicians are in the following locations:

Irvine, CA
Palm Desert, CA
Denver, CO
Naples, FL
Roswell, GA
Sugarloaf, GA
Schaumburg, IL
Paramus, NJ
Westbury, NY
Myrtle Beach, SC
Plano, TX
Plano-Preston Rd, TX
Southlake, TX