Cobra F8 Coyote Volition Driver

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The ultimate driver now benefits those who've made the ultimate sacrifice. The Special Edition KING F8 Blue Camo Driver features a timeless, patriotic design that takes inspiration from traditional military camos. A portion of the proceeds will support the families of our military heroes through the Folds of Honor Foundation.

What Is Volition
Volition America is an organization built on a crusade to promote love of country, inspire people's decisions and celebrate the power of choice. Through a partnership with Volition America, COBRA Golf is introducing two KING F8 Volition drivers designed to honor and support our military heroes.

Why It Matters
Through this partnership we are supporting the families of our fallen and disabled military heroes through the Folds of Honor Foundation. The F8 Volition Driver provides golfers the opportunity to play the ultimate driver, while supporting those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

The Cause
The Folds of Honor Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to providing educational scholarships to spouses and children of America’s fallen and disabled service-members.

Introducing the First CNC Precision Milled Face
Golf's first CNC precision milled forged titanium driver face with E9 Technology is thinner, hotter, and more precise. CNC milling yields more precise face thickness controls compared to hand-polishing, allowing COBRA engineers to design a thinner and faster conforming face that is 10% lihter. Tighter face thickness tolerances allow the face to be milled as thin as possible to deliver increased deflection for faster ball speeds. A multi-directional CNC pattern delivers a thinner face, while the circular milling pattern in the center provides an aesthetically pleasing visual of the Sweet Zone.

Ti-8-1-1 Body & Forged E9 Face
A lightweight 8-1-1 Titanium body and forged face saves discretionary weight to move the CG lower for improved launch and speed. CNC milling delivers a thinner and more precise E9 variable thickness face structure for increased distance on off-center hits. Tested against a traditional hand-polished driver face, the CNC milled face on the KING F8 driver produced increased ball speeds ranging from 1.2 to 1.6 mph across the face.

Optimized Sweet Zone with E9 Technology
After analyzing over 25,000 unique shots in our testing, we discovered that 99% of golfers hit the face in an elliptical pattern ranging from low heel to high toe. While most golf companies design a circular sweet spot around the center of the face, COBRA's patented E9 Technology is designed in an elliptical pattern to create a SWEET ZONE that allows more hot spots farther away from the center of the face.

Optimized Trajectories with Dual Roll
Unlike traditional drivers designed with a constant roll radius, COBRA's innovative Dual Roll Technology utilizes different curvatures on the top and bottom of the face to optimize launch and spin for shots hit above or below face center. This patented Dual Roll design features more curvature on the top half of the face and a flatter bottom half to optimize launch and spin for shots hit both high and low on the face. Using CNC milling, COBRA engineers were able to design a more precise horizontal face curvature (bulge radius) to compensate for gear effect and deliver more accuracy on shots hit on the heel and toe.

360 Aero, Next Level Speed
Innovative crown and sole aero trips optimize aerodynamic performance for faster clubhead speeds and increased distance. Polymer crown trips are 90% lighter than Titanium, to help improve aerodynamic performance without raising the CG. Titanium trips are utilized on the sole for increased durability, while lowering the CG for enhanced speed. Represented in the CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) models below, the streamlined shape of the KING F8 driver optimizes the flow separation on the crown and sole to significantly reduce drag. Lower drag will give you more clubhead speed and ultimately more distance off the tee.

Where Aero Matters
Distance is dependant on club speed. The addition of aero trips and a more streamlined shape is important to reduce drag in areas of the swing where speed is lost. The aero trips are strategically positioned relative to the orientation of the airflow, speed, and drag through the swing to increase clubhead speed for maximum distance.

Two Adjustable Settings: Back and Heel
The KING F8 driver features back and heel CG settings, allowing you to tune your trajectory and spin to maximize distance. The back weight setting promotes higher, towering ball flight, while the heel weight setting promotes a slightly lower launch with increased draw bias.

MyFly 8 with Smart Pad
8 easily adjustable loft settings help you manage trajectory and fine tune launch and spin to maximize distance. Increasing or decreasing the loft will adjust the launch by +/- .5 degrees and the spin by +/- 400 rpms, respectively.

Oversized Profile with Carbon Fiber Crown
A larger clubhead profile at address paired with two very forgiving (back and heel) weight settings, increases MOI for more distance and speed on off-center hits. Lightweight carbon fiber provides the weight savings needed to incorporate moveable weights into the design, while also repositioning weight low and back for improved launch and forgiveness.