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Exotics C721 Fairway Wood

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Exotics C721 Fairway Metal

This ultra-premium fairway metal is designed to have a perfected CG (Center of Gravity) location and extreme M.O.I. (Moment of Inertia) properties with the intent on making this Tour Edge’s most advanced fairway metal ever produced.

This is being led by innovation breakthroughs by Tour Edge, most notably the new Diamond Face 2.0 and the Ridgeback support system that provides the ultimate in power and feel.

Ridgeback Technology

Ridgeback Tech is a power producer. The Ridgeback spine within the Carbon Fiber crown acts as a brace to produce more power on center hit and allows for greater face flex in the heel and toe, meaning off-center hits achieve greater power and ball speed. The extra rigidity created by the brace produces a much stronger feel at impact and results in a crisper and brighter feel at strike.

Dual Carbon Wings

Tour Edge engineers designed Ridgeback to replace extra steel from the crown and sole with wrap-around Carbon Wings. The use of Carbon Wings saves considerable weight and leads to an optimal low-rearward CG position that produces an extremely high M.O.I. to increase stability at impact.

Diamond Face 2.0 Technology

There are 61 total diamond shapes featured on Diamond Face 2.0, comprising five different thicknesses in an interweaving pattern. This compares to the three different thicknesses used on the initial Diamond Face design. Face thickness of Diamond Face 2.0 at the extreme perimeters of the face is also reduced by 20%.

The mini trampolines that make-up Diamond Face 2.0 create faster ball speeds and an expanded sweet spot. The increase in Diamond Face 2.0 coverage to the extreme heel and toe dramatically increases ball speed and forgiveness on off-center hits.

Hyper Steel Cup Face

A The 12th iteration of Exotics pioneering cup face in the C721 fairway is the most advanced and utilizes a new, stronger proprietary Hyper-Steel material. It works in tandem with Diamond Face 2.0, this is the fastest Exotics fairway yet.

Adjustable Rear Backweight

A 10-gram adjustable back weight is at the extreme rear of the clubhead to help position the perfected CG and to optimize the M.O.I. properties of the C721 clubhead.

Sound Diffusion Panels

Five different Sound Diffusion Panels placed strategically inside the club head vastly improves the acoustic properties of the clubhead.

SpeedTested Shafts

Every shaft in the Exotics 721 Series has been SpeedTested to find the optimal custom shaft pairing for every flex, determined by robotic testing and validated by player testing.

Model Loft Lie Length Face Angle Head Size
3 13.5° 59° 43" Square 185cc
3 15° 57° 43" Square 185cc
3 16.5° 58° 43" Square 175cc
5 18° 58° 42" Square 175cc
7 21° 59° 41.5" Square 165cc



Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX 60/70

Flex Weight Launch Torque
Regular (60) 58g Low
Stiff (60) 58g Low 3.5°
Extra Stiff (60) 60g Low 3.5°
Stiff (70) 67g Low 3.3°
Extra Stiff (70) 69g Low 3.3°


Project X HZRDUS Smoke Blue RDX 60/70

Flex Weight Launch Torque
Regular (60) 64g Low 3.5°
Stiff (60) 64g Low 3.5°
Extra Stiff (60) 64g Low 3.5°
Stiff (70) 75g Low 3.3°
Extra Stiff (70) 75g Low 3.3°


Fujikura Ventus Red 4T Core 50/60

Flex Weight Launch Torque
Regular (50) 58g Mid 3.7°
Stiff (60) 67g Mid


Fujikura Air Speeder 40

Flex Weight Launch Torque
A Flex 44.5g High 8.5°
Regular 46.5g High



Lamkin Crossline 360 Gray