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Dave Pelz's Teacher Pointer

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Dave Pelz's Teacher Pointer





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Putter Aim is the first fundamental of stroke mechanics, because it occurs first, and affects everything that follows. Attach the TeacherĀ® Pointer to your putter face and you will instantly "see" where you are aiming. Additionally, it will show your putter face rotation throughout your stroke. Start by using your Pointer on two- to three-foot putts, then move to five- to six-foot putts and even 10-foot putts. If you learn proper aim and minimize, or eliminate, your putter face rotation, good strokes will follow. You will see that the better you aim, the more putts you will make.

WARNING: There is a rare possibility that the Teacher Pointer adhesive may cause damage to non-metal or painted metal putter faces. Use at your own risk.