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GTG Hot Shot Putting Cup

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GTG Hot Shot Putting Cup




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The Hot Shot Putting Cup is a fun collaborative game for all ages both indoor and outdoor. Choose to putt using the three putting grooves or for more difficult shots putt from any angle.

The Hot Shot Putting Cup is also designed as a performance tool. If the user opens or closes the face of their putter too much the ball will glance off the putting cup ramp and not go into the cup. A true pendulum stroke increases your chances of making it in the hoop. The backside of the cup is designed with a 2 inch opening to practice more accurate putting by providing a smaller space. This helps the golfer focus on putting in the center of the cup.

Please go to the suggested games page and our trick shot page to see how you can win prizes for simply making and recording some cool putts. Thank you for making the time to learn more about Slam Dunk Golf.