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Honma Beres S-05 T117 Complete Set

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The Honma Beres S-05 T117 complete set is truly one-of-a-kind with it's complete gold plated heads and custom shafts. There were only 10 created in the world and you have the opportunity to own this magnificent set.

Driver: 10.5 Degrees
High performance clubs that pursue all three components of superior flight: Spin, hitting angle, and direction.

Optimum spin and hitting angle are created by the design of the internal center of gravity. By attaching the wide-surfaced SUS weight of 5g to the lowest point of the sole area, we achieve the lowest center-of-gravity ever found in this club, while the expanded length of the hitting area allows high trajectories with low spin.

The hitting angle is stable even with low spin because the shaft is specially designed for the S-05 with a high launch angle and head speed ensureing a longer carry distance.

The combination of the head with the excellent grip and shaft allows you to hit easily from the inside while providing stable direction and carry performance. The stiffness distribution adds the stable direction of the hit to the excellent grip.

Fairway Wood: 15/18 Degrees
Our best model thus far with a new mechanism, design, and concept.

The 3-wood adopts the cup face with high deflection on impact for a long carry distance. The amount of deflection depends on the golfer. These clubs will help you achieve the control, powerful trajectories and longer carry distance you've been looking for.

The lower center-of-gravity expands the length of the face and allows us to bring the center of gravity on the face closer to the center point, resulting in a higher smash factor in our new head design.

The fairway wood series performance is enhanced by controlling the sole thickness for each club.

Utility: 22 Degrees
Allows you to hit to difficult positions on the green in powerful and high trajectories.

We have created a new unified load position design in which all clubs are arranged to the neck and face sides. The unified load position design with higher usability and powerful trajectories is adopted in every loft to ensure the same trajectories and feeling.

Tungsten weight screws are arranged in optimum positions allowing us to design the center of gravity that provides the highest trajectories and straight-line stability you expect.

The shape is designed to assign top priority to making a shot dead to the pin. The relatively low face progression and the linear shaped leading edge enables the players to easily aim at the target.

The absolutely strongest iron in the series with stunning advances in technology. Perfect in all of its carry distance, easy-to-hit, easy-to-address, and shape.

With the New face mechanism, the stress on impact is concentrated and the energy is transferred to the ball without loss, providing a longer carry distance.

The face's repulsion area is expanded by 25% (compared to the previous model). This new face area is expanded by removing the welds from the face enabling higher ball repulsion performance of the entire surface of the face.

The larger head size enhances forgiveness. Both the face height and width are expanded by 1 mm providing comfort to all golfers.