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Hot Launch 4 4, 5-Hybrid, 6, 7-Iron-Wood, 8-PW Irons Triple Combo Set w/ Graphite Shafts

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Hot Launch 4 Hybrid

HL4 hybrids feature a thinner and lighter 17-4 forged steel crown for faster club head speed. A heavier sole weight lowers CG and raises MOI for the best in feel, launch and forgiveness.

More weight in the sole of the HL4 Hybrid lowers the CG and raises MOI for optimal feel, launch and forgiveness.

Cup Face technology combined with Variable Face Thickness technology provides greater distance from more contact points on the face that results in better off-center hit distance.

The redesigned face of the HL4 Hybrid is thinner and produces more face flex and greater distance, making these hybrids the ideal long iron replacements for every level of golfer.

A high-toe face design delivers greater forgiveness and an expanded sweet spot across the face.

The low-profile face design combined with a redistribution of weight into the sole lowers the center of gravity making this hybrid incredibly easy to launch.

  • REDESIGNED CUP-FACE: Thinner for higher COR and greater distance
  • HIGH TOE-FACE DESIGN: Delivers greater forgiveness and expanded sweet spot across the face
  • LOW PROFILE FACE DESIGN: Combined with a redistribution of weight into the sole lower center of gravity position makes this hybrid incredibly easy to launch
  • POWER CHANNEL: Behind the face moves weight to back of the clubhead while also maximizing face flex

Hot Launch 4 Ironwoods

Available individually or as a complete set, the newly designed HL4 Iron-Wood features increased head volumes for more forgiveness and a thinner forged face for more spring-like effect and distance.

The HL4 Iron-Woods feature progressive sole width, top line and offset so that every club in the set transitions seamlessly - and every club is perfectly designed to hit the shot you need.

The Iron-Wood combines a hollow hyper-steel body with a super-thin forged steel face for maximum club and ball speeds.

More weight in the sole of the clubhead combined with the perimeter weighting properties of a hollow body design increases launch angle and forgiveness on every shot.

The new Rear Inverted Crown technology lowers the CG for the highest-launching Iron-Woods to date. Variable Face Thickness technology built in to the cup face provides more contact points that deliver better off-center hit distance.

The Power Channel on the sole behind the club face is wider and deeper for better weight distribution and increased face flexing. The Power Channel delivers amplified ball speed and less spin, as well as added forgiveness on shots struck lower on the face.

  • HEAVY SOLE: Positions more weight below the ball for high-flying shots
  • SUPER THIN FORGED FACE: With Variable Face Thickness for a powerful launch
  • HOLLOW HYPER STEEL BODY: Maximizes stability so every shot is powerful and accurate
  • PROGRESSIVE SOLE WIDTH, OFFSET AND TOPLINE: Makes the set seamless so that every club is perfectly suited to hit every shot desired
  • REAR INVERTED CROWN: Lowers CG for the highest launching iron-woods to date

Hot Launch 4 Irons

Tour Edge HL4 Irons are made with the extremely soft 431 stainless steel, providing the optimal feel for players of all levels.

The HL4 Irons incorporate an expanded undercut cavity to provide maximum forgiveness, power and consistent performance.

The vast undercut cavity allows weight to be moved away from the face and into the sole for a higher MOI and high CT with faster ball speeds. This undercut cavity also provides a higher launch angle and enhanced forgiveness.

The HL4 irons were also designed with a shallower face height and a wider sole for a deeper CG and an easier launch.

The lower and deeper CG allowed the irons to be power-lofted for added distance and lower spin with the same launch characteristics as a standard lofted iron. This makes for a modern long distance iron design that will provide extra distance and straighter shots with the same apex height expected from each iron.

Advanced toe weighting technology in the HL4 Iron maximizes stability on impact while Variable Face Thickness technology provides better off-center hit distance from the face of the iron.

  • UNDERCUT CAVITY: Delivers maximum forgiveness and consistent power on every shot
  • TOE WEIGHT TECHNOLOGY: Creates an expanded sweet spot and maximizes stability on impact
  • SHALLOW FACE HEIGHT: Provides a deeper center of gravity and added weight in the sole for higher flying shots

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