How-to-Buy Golf Gloves

Golf gloves are used to increase your grip on the club. They can also help prevent blisters and aid golfers with sweaty hands.


Since most golfers use one glove, it's usually worn on your non-dominant hand aka the top hand. For example, if you’re right-handed, you should purchase a golf glove made for the left hand.


Gloves come in sizes ranging from small to XXL. Your glove should fit tightly across the palm and back of hand without extra fabric bunching up. You also do not want extra space at the tips or between the fingers. "Cadet sizes" are popular options for golfers with a wider palm and shorter fingers. Cadet sizes range from Small to XL and are indicated on the package by "CS" for Cadet Small and "CML" for Cadet Medium Large.


Gloves can come in 100 percent leather or any number of synthetic materials to increase durability. Full-leather gloves are typically thinner than synthetic gloves, and provide enhanced feel. As with any real leather product, they experience general wear and will need to be replaced as they are exposed to more water over time. Synthetic gloves tend to be more durable and do not shrink as much when wet. There are all-weather options for playing in varied conditions like rain, and gloves that have an extra layer of insulation.

Print out our sizing guide to see which fit is right for you!

Then find your size using the chart below

Golf Glove Size Chart