How to Buy Golf Balls

A one-size-fits-all approach is the wrong way to buy golf balls. Finding the right ball to fit your game can have a big impact on your score and playability.

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Ball Types


A golf ball optimized for distance is designed to react quickly off the clubface for maximum ball speed after impact. These balls are best for golfers who want to take advantage of a larger core and thinner cover to maximize yardage off the tee.
Distance Golf Balls
Golf Balls for Spin
Spin Control

Golf balls with spin control are crafted to avoid excessive side spin - especially with longer clubs - which is the main cause of a hook or slice for amateur golfers.
Tour Performance

A high-performance ball is designed to combine distance, feel and spin by using multiple layers that interact together when hit. This ball type offers the most performance on different types of shots by minimizing spin off longer clubs, while also providing greenside spin on shorter shots.
Tour Golf Balls


  • 2-Piece balls:
    These offer dual construction with a larger inner core and thin cover to allow for maximum energy transfer from club to the golf ball.
  • Multi-Layer:
    Made up of three, four or even five layers, each layer performs a different function when activated by the club at different speeds required for different shot types. For example, a full swing with a driver would activate all layers together, while a shorter chip shot would only activate the outer layers and provide the spin needed to stop it quickly. A higher swing speed is normally needed to see the benefits of a multi-layer ball.

Golf Ball Layers

Cover Types

  • Surlyn Covers:
    The most common type of cover on non-tour level golf balls, Surlyn is a durable material that resists scuffing and scratching and provides efficient energy transfer for distance.
  • Urethane covers
    While not as durable, Urethane covers are typically softer than Surlyn and provide more feel and feedback. Usually found on multi-layer or TOUR golf balls, Urethane covers provide the most spin around the green on short shots.