How-to-Buy Tennis String

The strings are the one part of the racquet that makes direct contact with the ball and determines what you feel at impact. Many players spend hours trying new racquets before determining their frame of choice but spend a few minutes selecting their strings. While the number of string brands and types can definitely be overwhelming, it is important to understand some key points in choosing the string that meets your needs. Luckily, we break it down for you here.

Types of String

String Tension

Choosing the correct string tension is almost as important as selecting the right string for one's playing style. Most recreational players don't understand how tension affects the way a racquet performs. As a generalization, lower tensions provide more power and tighter tensions provide more control. Because different players have different needs to achieve the feeling of more power or more control, it is important to understand your specific needs to determine what tension is ideal for you. Each racquet has a manufacturer-recommended tension range that we proivde as a starting point, and make any adjustments based on specific needs.

How often should I string my racquet?

One of the most common misconceptions players have is that they only need to restring their racquet once the strings break. Because racquet strings hold tension, tension loss accumulates over time, causing the strings to lose elasticity and making the strings feel "dead," or the feeling when the strings have lost their playability and feel. The problem with continuing to play with "dead" strings is a player may begin to adjust their technique to compensate for loss in tension in their strings. The general rule of thumb is to restring your racquets at least as often per year as you play per week. So if you play three times per week, you should get them strung at least once every three months. Keep in mind that professionals restring their racquets every day. Because strings play such a large part in their ability to perform, it speaks lengths to the importance of having a fresh set of strings!

Playability vs. Durability

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