Teaching Her

We believe in providing the best lesson experience for each golfer, which is why a majority of our Instructors have completed the LPGA's Teaching HER Certification.

In attaining the LPGA's Teaching HER Certification, our Golf Instructors gained skills that allow them to comfortably and successfully teach the game of golf to women. We recognize that teaching women cannot be 'one size fits all,' which is why we will follow the overall student-centered LPGA Integrated Performance System as the guide throughout each lesson program.

Focal points of the Teaching HER Certification are how to communicate, set goals, assess, diagnose and present swing mechanics with specific regards to our female students.

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Teaching HER Certified Instructors

Brian Crawford Headshot
Brian Crawford
Chandler, AZ
Rodney Green Headshot
Rodney Green
Orlando, FL
Whitney Poss Headshot
Whitney Poss
Sugarloaf, GA
Trey Wiggins Headshot
Trey Wiggins
Birmingham, AL
Mike Esposito Headshot
Mike Esposito
Downers Grove, IL
David Hobin Headshot
David Hobin
Phoenix, AZ
Chris Mullane Headshot
Chris Mullane
East Palo Alto, CA
David Brown Headshot
David Brown
Irvine, CA
CJ Kim Headshot
CJ Kim
Southlake, TX
Jeff Lollo Headshot
Jeff Lollo
Westbury, NY
Kelly Olohan Headshot
Kelly Olohan
Glendale, AZ
Matt Holm Headshot
Matt Holm
Palm Desert, CA
Cindy Dzuro Headshot
Cindy Dzuro
Naples, FL
Tony McQuivey Headshot
Tony McQuivey
Sandy, UT
Mike Reilly Headshot
Mike Reilly
Downers Grove, IL
John Greene Headshot
John Greene
Kennesaw, GA
Ron Regner Headshot
Ron Regner
Paramus, NJ
Ed Britton Headshot
Ed Britton
Tucson, AZ
Tony Vinzant Headshot
Tony Vinzant
Woodlands, TX
Steve Terry Headshot
Steve Terry
North Myrtle Beach, SC
Benny Passons Headshot
Benny Passons
Plano, TX
David Trigleth Headshot
David Trigleth
Plano/Preston, TX
Sonny Williams Headshot
Sonny Williams
Denver, CO

Other Certified Instructors

Martin Sludds
North Myrtle Beach, SC
John Mueller
Schaumburg, IL
Lindsay Hassler
Schaumburg, IL
Lionel Rodgers
East Palo Alto, CA
Bill Hulbert
Irvine, CA
Blakney Boggs
Irvine, CA
Carol Lingle
Irvine, CA
James Stewart
Paramus, NJ
Jeff Trott
Westbury, NY
Craig Palmer
Denver, CO