Pure Aero Lite RAFA Tennis Racquet 2021

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Babolat Pure Aero Lite RAFA Tennis Racquet 2021

Dedication, grit, humility. It's time to channel your inner Rafa with a Pure Aero designed by the man himself. Light, maneuverable, and spin friendly racquet, the Pure Aero Lite is a great option whether you are a junior transitioning into an adult racquet or you’re an adult looking for a user-friendly racquet. Warning: side effects include dominating the game with spin and power.

Push back the boundaries of the court and exhaust your adversary. Whether you’re already a spin pro or simply an aggressive player after more bite, this racquet was designed with one aim: to boost your spin. With this racquet you’ll find incredible new angles and drive your adversary crazy, sending them to the four corners of the court.

Need power to boost your offensive game? From day one, we designed a racquet made to support your pace and spin to help you fend off your adversary and send them behind the baseline. We have reworked the latest generation of the Pure Aero racquet to combine power and spin so you can exploit every opportunity for winning shots.

To dominate the game, you need to feel the impacts. These extra sensations are part of the key enhancements of this new Pure Aero racquet. You can now totally control the trajectory of your shots and add variety to your game while moving in close to the net to hit a winner or place an incredible drop shot.


  • Unstrung
  • Head Size - 645 Cm2 / 100 Sq. In
  • Unstrung Weight - 270 G / 9.5 Oz
  • Balance - 330 Mm
  • Length - 685 Mm / 27 In
  • Composition - Graphite
  • Str. Pattern - 16/19
  • Grip - Syntec Pro