Golf club regripping
Get a handle on regripping

Did you know that it is recommended that golfers re-grip their clubs every 40 rounds?

The PGA TOUR Superstore is proud to offer regripping services at all of our locations. We can typically install your new grips within 48 hours of dropoff, but often, we can install your grips while you shop!

Our current pricing for our regripping service is $3.99 per grip installation.

Getting to know your grips

Wear and tear

  • Rain, sweat, heat, and dirt are what wear down your grip over time. So if you find your grip feeling smoother, or slick, or you notice cracks, it’s time to replace it. 

Frequency of play

  • As a rule of thumb, we recommend players replace club grips once a year, or every 40 rounds. Grips lose a significant amount of their original feel before golfers notice it needs replacing, so it’s important to have this timeframe in the back of your mind.

Performance and feel

  • Worn grips won’t just result in flying clubs—they’ll more likely lead to gripping to clubs tighter than necessary. 
  • If you notice your shots aren’t as accurate as they used to be, your grips could be to blame. Additionally, if you start to notice your clubs are uncomfortable, or you have more hand fatigue, it could be a sign that your clubs need new grips. 
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