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Monday: 10am-8pm
Tuesday: 10am-8pm
Wednesday: 10am-8pm
Thursday: 10am-8pm
Friday: 10am-8pm
Saturday: 9am-8pm
Sunday: 10am-6pm


Golf Digest America’s 100 Best Clubfitter’s
Master Racquet Technician
Callaway Certified Master Fitter


General Manager
Gary Hurt

Teaching Professional
Jeffrey Younts, Titleist TPI Certified
John Broniek, Class A PGA Member

Master Racquet Technician
Jaronn Franklin

Fitting Van Specialist
Scott Swords

In Store Events


Jan 11 Free Clinic: Stop Burning the Edges
The “Stop Burning the Edges” clinic is an event designed to give the basic fundamentals in Putting Mechanics including teaching importance of proper set-up, alignment, swing path, face angle at impact and reading greens.
Jan 18 Kid Zone 10-11am
Jan 27 First Tee Play Day: Sign Up 6-7:15pm
Jan 29 First Tee Play Day: Sign Up 6-7:15pm


Feb 3 First Tee Play Day: Sign Up 6-7:15pm
Feb 5 First Tee Play Day: Sign Up 6-7:15pm
Feb 8 Free Clinic: Secrets of the Short Game
Tips to Lower your Scores
Feb 8 TaylorMade SIM Fitting Event: Sign Up
Come experience the difference SIM can make in your golf game. An experienced TaylorMade fitter will be on-site to dial the club in to what works best for you.
Feb 10 First Tee Play Day: Sign Up 6-7:15pm
Feb 12 First Tee Play Day: Sign Up 6-7:15pm
Feb 15 Kid Zone 10-11am
Feb 17 First Tee Play Day: Sign Up 6-7:15pm
Feb 19 First Tee Play Day: Sign Up 6-7:15pm
Feb 29 Spring Tune-Up Clinic: Pitching & Chipping - Sign Up
Participants of the Pitching & Chipping Clinic will explore the putting stroke, from establishing a stance and posture, to understanding the shape of their stroke and how putter design can benefit the stroke. Learning the mechanics of the chip shot, how it differs from a pitch, and how to choose when to choose between the two shot types, will help all golfers save shots around the green.


Mar 7 Spring Tune-Up Clinic: Controlling Ball Flight - Sign Up
Participants of the Controlling Ball Flight clinic will discover the importance of a fundamentally sound golf grip and how the placement and positioning of each hand can change ball flight. Ball position will also be identified as another variable that can dictate direction and height. These topics will lead the group will discuss the 9 basics ball flights that any golfer can create.
Mar 14 Spring Tune-Up Clinic: Pitching & Iron Play - Sign Up
Participants of the Pitching & Iron Play clinic will explore the pitching stroke, a miniature version of the full swing using many of the same important mechanics as the full swing. Distance control is a focal point, and will provide the topic’s transition to the full swing. Upon transitioning to iron play, participants will focus on the key swing mechanics that will create more solid, and more consistent shots.
Mar 21 Spring Tune-Up Clinic: Teeing Off - Sign Up
Participants of the Teeing Off clinic will focus on hitting the driver longer, straighter, and more consistently. Many of the secrets to hitting the driver originate in solid fundamentals.
Mar 21 Kid Zone 10-11am
Mar 28 Spring Tune-Up Clinic: Playing the Game - Sign Up
Participants of the Course Management Clinic will learn that sometimes, you don’t have to hit good shots to shoot good scores. Good decision making can save the day. From choosing what club to tee off with on a hole, to when to hit straight at the flag, making the smart choice can keep the big numbers off the scorecard.