Performance Studio Fittings

Studio Fitting

Driver Fitting

Each driver fitting starts with an evaluation of the current gamer. Once we have an assessment, we will work through a series of head and shaft combinations to identify the best setup to maximize yardage and maintain control off the tee.

Iron Fitting:

Properly fit irons are crucial to the foundation of the game, which is why iron fitting technology is the fastest- growing part of golf improvement. The iron fitting process is an in-depth look at adding forgiveness, workability, control and green stopping performance to your bag.

Fairway Wood/Hybrid Fitting:

More and more, golfers are turning to a fairway wood and/or hybrid to replace a long iron for distant second shots or to recover from thick rough. Our evaluation will help determine which club and lofts are best-suited for rounding out your set.

Wedge Fitting:

An oft-ignored part of the fitting process, wedge fitting adds control to your short game and gives you confidence standing over that 50-yard shot. The fitting works through bounce, sole width, shaft and loft to ensure you have the proper wedge for each situation.

Putter Fitting:

The scoring club deserves just as much attention as the rest of your bag. Our Fitting Specialists incorporate putter fitting technologies that measure putting stroke and ball launch and roll tendencies to identify that putter that is the best match for you.

10-Club Gapping Analysis:

A club gapping analysis identifies the true distance you hit each club. This analysis allows you to determine “gaps” in your yardages, which prevent you from consistently playing your best golf.

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