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Performance Evaluations

Full Bag Performance Evaluation:

A full-bag performance evaluation breaks down each segment of your bag to see where opportunities lie to lower your scoring and increase your enjoyment of the game. These evaluations incorporate insights from TrackMan, Live Shot Analysis and on-course performance under regular playing conditions.

Driver Performance Evaluation:

Even as the most commonly fit club in the bag, there is usually room for improvement to the driver. The driver performance evaluation uses advancements in technology and analytics to make recommendation around your current gamer and how the club head and shaft fit with your swing type and tendencies.

Iron Set Performance Evaluation:

Each golfer has strengths and weaknesses to their iron game. Whether your long irons still have GSP or you struggle with consistent dispersion, our performance evaluation will provide feedback on what it takes to improve your iron play.

Fairway Wood or Hybrid Performance Evaluation:

Fairway woods and hybrids need to be versatile from tee to green. These clubs can be used to replace a long iron or to provide options for shot type and distance off the tee – meaning it’s important to understand how they fit into your overall setup.

Wedge Performance Evaluation:

Are you wedges setting you up for success around the green? We will take a look at the bounce, grind and gapping of your current set to make sure you have the right options for the course.

Putter Performance Evaluation:

Our putting performance evaluation is a series of drills observations to determine your stroke type and tendencies and how that matches up with your current gamer.

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