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Wilson Triad Golf Balls

Introducing the urethane golf ball designed to do one thing: everything. Triad delivers powerful, precision performance that helps you find fairways, attack pins and sink putts. Tri-balanced construction results in a high moment of inertia to deliver long, stable ball flight for more fairways hit.  Our thinnest-ever cast urethane cover offers truly tenacious grip for maximum club face interaction and control on approach shots. By moving weight from the core to the mantle and cover, Triad is engineered to eliminate heavy spots within the ball for pinpoint accuracy and straighter putts. Change your ball. Trust in Triad.

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High MOI Design

Triad’s high MOI design moves weight from the core to the outer layers of the golf ball resulting in faster ball speed and lower driver spin for a more stable ball flight and more fairways hit.

Ultra-Thin Cast Urethane Cover

The ultra-thin cast urethane cover engages longer with the clubface on mid-to-low irons, generating controlled ball flight and greater spin to attack pins with confidence.

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Patented Tri-Balanced Construction

Triad’s patented Tri-Balanced™ construction moved weight from the core to the other layers so that each layer has the same material density. This negates any defects from manufacturing tolerances, making Triad effectively perform like a one-piece ball for pinpoint accuracy and putts that roll true.

Triad Test Data

115 MPH Driver

Ball Speed (MPH) Spin Rate (RPM) Total Yards
Wilson Triad 168.1 2,382 298.0
Competitor A 166.9 2,317 296.8
Competitor B 167.2 2,313 296.6
Competitor C 166.5 2,427 295.2
Competitor D 166.9 2,152 295.2
Competitor E 166.3 2,203 296.8
Competitor F 166.6 2,273 297.2
Competitor G 165.1 2,171 294.1
Competitor H 165.8 2,150 294.5


Irons and Wedges

Spin Rates (RPM) 7 Iron 9 Iron 56 Deg. Wedge
Wilson Triad 7,406 8,640 10,280
Competitor A 6,431 8,172 9,663
Competitor B 6,608 8,437 9,829
Competitor C 7,135 8,719 10,195
Competitor D 6,596 8,119 9,529
Competitor E 6,326 7,982 9,727
Competitor F 6,250 7,660 9,416
Competitor G 6,198 7,358 9,532
Competitor H 6,132 7,493 9,414