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Callaway EPIC Irons
Callaway EPIC Irons are taking golf iron design to the next level. Callaway EPIC irons use ultra-premium materials and Callaway's advance technologies to create the highest level of ball speed, forgiveness and performance we've ever had in a Callaway Iron. Looking to improve your game? Browse our Callaway EPIC irons for sale today at PGA TOUR Superstore!

What makes Callaway EPIC Irons great?

It stiffens the body to allow the face to take on more of the load on impact. This is known as "Energy Lensing" - it promotes longer distance, and it helped raise the COR in Epic Irons right up to the limit. We've never reached that level of speed in a full set.

It's what makes Callaway the #1 iron in golf. The thin Face Cup adds even more ball speed on center hits and minimizes distance loss on off-center hits.

Incorporating tungsten in the Internal Standing Wave allows our engineers to precisely position in CG in each iron. The includes a lower CG for easier launch and long carry in the long irons, higher CG in the short irons for a lower, more controllable flight.
Callaway EPIC Irons

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