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Exotics EXS Pro Driver

The "Straight from the Tour Van" Exotics EXS Pro Driver is a Limited-Edition tour-prototype that is being offered to the public in a small batch production of only 1,000 pieces. The EXS Pro Driver was designed to be a low-spinning rocket for faster swingers seeking a more compact head with a deeper face. Exotics clubs have been in play by over 100 different PGA Tour players with over 700 Exotics clubs in play over the past few seasons. The EXS Pro series was designed with the feedback from those PGA Tour professionals.

Tour-Inspired Shape

The Exotics EXS Pro Driver features tour-inspired classic pear shape with a deeper face, shorter heel to toe and compact front to back. This compacted head features an extreme slope from the middle of the crown to the back of the clubhead that produces low spin rates and a piercing ball flight. Testing shows the EXS Pro driver spins less than the EXS 220 driver by about 400 rpms on average.

Beta Titanium Face/8-1-1 Titanium Body

The high-grade Beta Titanium face is a higher density Japanese metal that produces greater strength and power. The lower-density and lighter 8-1-1 Titanium used in the body oft he driver leads to faster ball speeds, making this one of Tour Edge's fastest drivers ever produced.

FlightTrack Technology

The 6-gram FlightTrack weight slides from heel to toe for the ultimate control of adjustability to every area of the driver head to promote a draw or a fade and every option in between. A separate weight kit will be made available that includes 3, 9 and 15-gram weights or sold separately by weight for the ultimate in self-fitting.

Tour Edge EXS Pro Driver Carbon Fiber

Diamond Face Technology

At the pinnacle of face design, the EXS Pro features new Diamond Face technology. Finite Element Analysis has allowed the Tour Edge Engineering team to simulate and optimize face geometry across the face, creating faster and more consistent ball speeds from heel to toe. The Diamond Face technology matched with the tour level low/forward CG placement is the reason why the EXS Pro produces the unique combination of optimal launch and the lowest possible amount of spin needed for faster clubhead speeds, while also maximum CT and increased ball speeds.

Tour Edge EXS Pro Driver Carbon Fiber

Dual Carbon Fiber Tech

Dual Carbon Fiber technology on the crown and toe creates significant weight savings, moving as much weight as possible to a low-forward position. The lower density 8-1-1 Ti allows for additional discretionary weight placement, enabling the Tour Edge engineers to further optimize CG location for ideal launch and spin conditions. A high strength Beta Titanium face creates Tour Edge's fastest ball speeds and full-face forgiveness.

Tour Edge EXS Pro Driver Carbon Fiber

Sound Diffusion Bar

A Sound Diffusion Bar (S.D. Bar) placed strategically inside the club head vastly improves the acoustic engineering of the entire new EXS metalwood line up. The S.D. Bar was modeled using the F.E.A. software to research and fine tune the acoustical properties of the driver. The S.D. Bar is similar idea employed in music studios and concert halls with diffusion panels used to enhance the richness of sound.

Tour Edge EXS Pro Driver Carbon Fiber

Adjustable Hosel

An adjustable hosel allows golfers to adjust the loft Plus/Minus 2 degrees up and down, so with two lofts being offered in 9.5° and 10.5° the EXS Pro comes with a range of 7.5° to 12.5° in loft.

Tour Edge EXS Pro Driver Carbon Fiber

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