Frogger Rangefinder Latch-It

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Where do you keep your rangefinder when you golf? No more fumbling through golf cart compartments, digging through bag pockets, or struggling with clips or cases. Rangefinder Latch-It securely attaches your rangefinder to golf carts for quick, easy access. Powered by Catch Latch Magnetic Fastening Technology to provide the ultimate in secure convenience with powerful self-aligning magnets, a dynamic lock for motion, and a roto lock for security. Frogger Golf helps you manage your important gear!

Key Features
- Universal rangefinder attachment system
- Fast, secure, easy access anywhere on the course
- Part of the Latch-It Ecosystem
- Powered by Catch Latch Magnetic Fastening Technology
- Velcro dongle strap adjusts to fit tightly around leading rangefinders - 11.25 inch max circumference / 12.5 inch strap
- Velcro Receiver strap adjusts to fit around golf cart support bars - 7.25 inch max circumference / 8.5 inch strap
- Dongle and Receiver straps have non-slip grip pads to stay in place
- Dongle and Receiver magnetically attract and self-align when connecting
- Receiver has a dynamic lock to keep product secure while in motion
- Receiver rotates to a fully locked position when orange indicator is visible
- Dongle strap works with Bag Latch-It (sold separately) to connect to your golf bag
- Dongle strap works with integrated Catch Latch on Frogger Golf Function golf bags

- Attach the dongle strap to your rangefinder
- Remove one strap end from the buckle and wrap around the middle of your rangefinder
- Pass the strap end back through the buckle and velcro loosely
- Loosen the other strap end, pull tight around your finder and velcro in place
- Attach the receiver strap to your golf cart roof support bar using the same process
- Push the Dongle on the strap into the Receiver (Latch-It!)
- Your rangefinder can be turned in the Receiver to the desired orientation
- For normal use rotate the Receiver counter clockwise until a click is felt
- Dongle pulls straight out when indicator is clear
- To lock, rotate Receiver clockwise until a click is felt and orange indicator is visible
- Rangefinder not included