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Directed Force 2.1 - Black

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Directed Force 2.1 Black Putter

LAB Golf has set out to solve one of the biggest putting challenges in golf, the putter's natural rotation. Achieving the correct face angle is one of the most important keys to sinking putts, and studies continue to show that putter face angle has the greatest influence — nearly 85%. The remaining 15% impact is from putter path alone — so the shorter the putt the more important face angle becomes. Their answer to this is lie-angle balancing

Their team of engineers and golfing professionals have partnered to develop an entirely new formula and approach to club balance that eliminates unwanted head rotation and torque once and for all. They’ve literally reinvented the balance of the modern putter and call it lie-angle balance. It’s perhaps best defined as the putter head’s ability to stay square through the ball during the putting stroke without any adjustments from your hands. The result — the body's smaller and less reliable muscle groups relax, allowing a player's stronger muscles to maintain control over swing speed and path. Lie-angle balancing creates a “pendulum-like” stroke with unmatched stability, ball direction and distance control.

Every putter they manufacture has their proprietary lie-angle balancing formula built-in, ensuring that players achieve the pure putting stroke they desire — and sink more putts!

Integrated forward press

Putters ship fully assembled with one of their revolutionary PressGrips — which feature integrated forward press technology. The putter shaft travels through the grip’s elliptical shape off-axis by 3 degrees, not through the center of the grip as found on most putters. This unique shaft alignment creates the forward lean players are looking for to hit up through impact without increasing the loft of the putter. With every stroke, the ball rolls top over more easily and the player is rewarded with a consistent feel.

Advanced engineering

LAB Golf's proprietary formula and head design ensures a consistent center of gravity for every club they make — regardless of a player’s unique specifications. All putters are mechanically forged from 6061 aircraft aluminum and are heat treated to eliminate any natural inconsistencies in the metal. Using precision HAAS CNC machines, LAB engineers interpolate the shaft hole to create a snug fit and clean look where the shaft connects to the head.


Lie Angle: 69°
Length: 34", 35"
Head Weight: 370-415 grams depending on length and lie angle.
Swing Weight: F0-G5 depending on length and lie angle.
Loft: 3.5 degrees static loft (0.5 degrees effective loft).
Grip: 2.M Putter Grip
Alignment Aid: #1