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Titleist TSR2 Driver

TSR2 – Maximum Speed and Stability

The perfect combination of distance and forgiveness now comes in one of the best-looking drivers in the game. TSR2 is a high launch, low spin, max performance driver that gives you the green light off every tee.

Titleist TSR2 is slimmed down and ramped up. For players who make contact across the entire surface of the face, it combines our most significant CG shift with a new Multi-Plateau VFT face to boost speed across the face. All within a cleaner, refined shape that inspires total player confidence.

Improved Aerodynamics & Player-Preferred Shaping

Greater speed means greater distance, and the new shape of TSR2 has been refined to make it as fast as possible through the air. The redesigned toe shape also improves the face angle for a better look at address.

TSR2 Driver aerodynamics

Multi-Plateau VFT Design

This new construction approach builds the face inward, layer by layer, to create nearly constant CT across the entire hitting surface. In other words, it produces amazing forgiveness and ball speed from every strike, whether pure or mis-hit

TSR2 Driver Face

Optimized Speed & Stability

CG placement plays a key role in both speed and forgiveness. For TSR2, the CG has been shifted both lower and more forward to increase ball speed while improving launch and spin.

TSR2 Driver Face

SureFit Adjustability

A driver that fits better performs better. The SureFit system gives a fitter the flexibility to perfectly match the performance of TSR2 to the needs of each individual player, helping you make purer and more consistent contact.

TSR2 Driver Face

Exceptional Featured Shafts

The featured shafts for TSR represent a complete range of high-performance options from Tour-trusted manufacturers. Every player and swing profile can be fit to an ideal match.

TSR featured shafts

Premium Shaft Options

Manufactured by Graphite Design, these premium shafts utilize exclusive TORAYCA™ carbon fibers and other advanced materials to produce elite performance dynamics. Players can choose between three distinct launch and spin profiles to optimize their ball flight.

TSR2 Driver Face

Driver Specifications

Model Dexterity Lie Length Loft Options
TSR2 RH/LH 58.5° 45.5" 8°-11°
* LH model in 8° will be available spring 2023


Featured Shaft Specifications

Project X HZRDUS Red CB 50
Model Flex Weight Torque Launch
HZRDUS Red CB 50 5.0 51g 5.9° Mid-High
5.5 52g 5.2° Mid-High
6.0 52g 4.8° Mid-High
HZRDUS Red CB 60 5.0 58g 4.9° Mid-High
5.5 58g 4.7° Mid-High
6.0 59g 4.4° Mid-High


Tensei AV X-Link Blue shaft
Model Flex Weight Torque Launch
Tensei AV Blue 55 SFW With Xlink Tech R2-Flex 55g 5.5° Mid
Regular 57g 5.4° Mid
Stiff 58g 4.9° Mid
Extra Stiff 62g 4.6° Mid/High
Tensei AV Blue 65 With Xlink Tech Regular 65g 4.4° Mid
Stiff 67g 3.9° Mid
Extra Stiff 68g 3.4° Mid
TX-Flex 69g 3.6° Mid
Tensei AV Blue 75 With Xlink Tech Regular 74g 4.1° Mid
Stiff 77g 3.9° Mid
Extra Stiff 78g 3.4° Mid
TX-Flex 79g 3.2° Mid


HZRDUS Black 4G shaft
Model Flex Weight Torque Launch
Project X HZRDUS Black 60 4th Gen 5.5 60g 4.0° Low-Mid
6.0 60g 3.5° Low-Mid
6.5 60g 3.3° Low-Mid
TX-Flex 65g 2.5° Low-Mid
Project X HZRDUS Black 70 4th Gen 5.5 67g 3.8° Low-Mid
6.0 68g 3.3° Low-Mid
6.5 70g 3.1° Low-Mid
TX-Flex 75g 2.3° Low-Mid
Project X HZRDUS Black 80 4th Gen 6.0 80g 2.9° Low-Mid
6.5 82g 2.4° Low-Mid
TX-Flex 82g 2.1° Low-Mid


Tensei 1K Black shaft
Model Flex Weight Torque Launch
Tensei 1K Black 65 Stiff 67g 3.6° Low
Extra Stiff 68g 3.5° Low
TX-Flex 69g 3.5° Low
Tensei 1K Black 75 Stiff 76g 3.6° Low
Extra Stiff 78g 3.5° Low
TX-Flex 79g 3.0° Low
Tensei 1K Black 85 Stiff 89g 3.2° Low
Extra Stiff 90g 3.2° Low
TX-Flex 90g 2.8° Low


Graphite Design Tour AD UB-5,6 Graphite Design Tour AD DI-5,6
Model Flex Weight Torque Launch
Tour AD UB-5 Regular 56g 4.4° Mid-High
Stiff 57g 4.4° Mid-High
Extra Stiff 59g 4.4° Mid-High
Tour AD UB-6 Stiff 65g 3.2° Mid
Extra Stiff 66g 3.2° Mid
Tour AD UB-7 Stiff 74g 3.0° Low-Mid
Extra Stiff 75g 3.0° Low-Mid
Tour AD UB-8 Stiff 82g 2.8° Low-Mid
Extra Stiff 83g 2.8° Low-Mid
Tour AD IZ-5 Regular 54g 4.5° Mid-High
Stiff 56g 4.4° Mid-High
Tour AD IZ-6 Stiff 63g 3.2° Mid
Extra Stiff 65g 3.1° Mid
Tour AD IZ-7 Stiff 72g 3.1° Mid
Extra Stiff 74g 3.1° Mid
Tour AD IZ-8 Stiff 82g 2.9° Mid
Extra Stiff 85g 2.9° Mid
Tour AD DI-5 Regular 55g 4.7° Mid-High
Stiff 57g 4.4° Mid-High
Tour AD DI-6 Stiff 65g 3.3° Mid
Extra Stiff 67g 3.3° Mid
Tour AD DI-7 Stiff 73g 3.2° Mid
Extra Stiff 75g 3.1° Mid
Tour AD DI-8 Stiff 83g 3.0° Low-Mid
Extra Stiff 85g 2.9° Low-Mid



Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 - 58R

Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360
Model Core Size Weight
Tour Velvet 360 Black .580 52g